9anime not showing cc: Troubleshooting Closed Captions


9anime not showing cc

Online streaming services have completely changed how we consume entertainment in the modern digital world. Nineanime is a well-liked website among fans of anime. It might, however, occasionally run into problems, just like any other internet service. Closed captions or “9anime not showing CC” are a frequent issue that consumers encounter. We will examine the causes of this problem and offer solutions in this post to make sure you can easily watch your favorite anime with subtitles.

Understanding Closed Captions (CC)

Before we get into the troubleshooting process, let’s define closed captions and explain why many viewers find them indispensable. A textual transcription of the spoken dialogue and other pertinent auditory cues in a video is provided through closed captions, which are text-based overlays that are presented on the screen. They are essential for anyone who wants to watch content with subtitles, is deaf or hard of hearing, or is learning a new language.

Why Aren’t Closed Captions Appearing on 9anime?

Browser Compatibility Issues

One common reason for closed captions not showing on 9anime is browser compatibility. Subtitles and video playback are handled differently by different browsers. Verify that the browser you are using is fully compatible with 9anime. effectively-liked options such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome typically function effectively.

Ad-Blockers and Extensions

Ad-blockers and browser plugins can occasionally cause websites, including 9anime, to stop working properly. If you have any installed extensions or ad-blockers, try disabling them to see if the closed captions show up.

Video Player Settings

9anime streams content using a variety of video players. If there are any settings issues with the video player, closed captions could not function. Make sure the closed caption, subtitle, and language choice settings are set correctly by looking through the video player’s settings.

Internet Connection

Slow or erratic internet access may cause problems when trying to load subtitles. To prevent issues with closed captions, make sure your internet connection is steady and sufficiently quick.

Server-Side Issues

Occasionally, the issue may not be with you, but rather with 9anime’s server. Issues with servers may arise from maintenance or technological issues, which may impact the availability of closed captions. Patience is essential in these situations since, once the server is stable again, the problem should correct itself.

How to Enable Closed Captions on 9anime

Assuming you have ruled out the above issues, and the problem persists, here’s how you can enable closed captions on 9anime:

Login to Your Account: Ensure that you are actively using your 9anime account. You might need to be logged in to view closed captions for some content.

Choose the Right Video: On 9anime, closed captions aren’t available for every video. Choose a video where the presence of subtitles is explicitly mentioned.

Toggle CC On: Locate the closed caption (CC) button in the control bar of the video player while it is playing. To make closed captions available, click on it.

Customize Settings: If you’re not getting the subtitles you want, try adjusting the video player’s settings. Frequently, you may alter the background color, font size, and color to fit your tastes.

Refresh the Page: Try reloading the page or restarting your browser if the captions are still not showing up.


For a variety of viewers, closed captions are essential to improving the viewing experience. Should you be experiencing problems with “9anime not showing CC,” this guide has led you through the possible reasons why as well as fixes. You can watch your favorite anime with subtitles exactly as intended by checking the compatibility of your browser, controlling extensions, and modifying the video player’s settings.

With the ability to solve closed caption 9anime not showing cc, you can fully immerse yourself in the anime universe without losing out on any dialogue or important story points.


1. Are closed captions available for all anime on 9anime?

Not invariably. The availability of closed captioning varies amongst videos. Seek out videos that state clearly that they have subtitles.

2. Can I change the language of the closed captions?

Closed captions for certain videos on 9anime may be available in several languages. To find out if this function is accessible, check the video settings.

3. Why do closed captions matter if I can hear the audio just fine?

Those who are hard of hearing or deaf must have closed captions. They also help viewers who, for a variety of reasons, prefer subtitles and those learning a new language.

4. Are there any legal concerns with using 9anime?

If copyrighted content is streamed without the appropriate licensing, legal problems may arise. Understand the copyright regulations that apply to you and, whenever you can, support legally provided streaming services.

5. How can I report issues with closed captions on 9anime?

You might attempt contacting 9anime’s customer support if you continue to experience issues with closed captions.

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