Exploring the World of Buy Now, Pay Later: Apps like Quadpay


apps like quadpay

The buy now, pay later (BNPL) app has exploded in popularity as consumers place a premium on convenience and adaptability. Former market leader QuadPay rebranded as Zip and remains an important company. The good news is that we have you covered whether you’re specifically seeking for apps like quadpay or just want to wander around. Here, we’ll expose you to some of the most useful alternatives to QuadPay so you can make educated decisions about how to handle your money.

What is QuadPay (Zip)?

Let’s quickly review what QuadPay (now known as Zip) is before we get into other options. Zip is a well-liked BNPL app since it lets buyers spread out payments over four manageable, interest-free payments. When you’re trying to stick to a strict financial plan, it’s much easier to purchase and keep track of your money this way.

Some Great Apps like Quadpay


One of the earliest BNPLs, Afterpay is like Zip in that it allows customers to pay for their goods in four equal interest-free installments. Afterpay is a convenient alternative to using a credit card when making purchases online because of its wide acceptance at merchants across the web.


Klarna is another exceptional BNPL service because it does more than just allow users to split bills. It has flexible payment plans like “pay in 4” and “pay in 30”, and it also provides financing. Klarna has partnered with a large number of online merchants to give customers a convenient and adaptable shopping experience.


Affirm stands out since it provides not just interest-free installment plans, but also longer-term financing solutions for more expensive products. You can select the term that best fits your monthly budget with Affirm. It’s a great option for a variety of different purchases.


With Sezzle’s BNPL plan, customers can spread their payments out over four interest-free installments. The app is a terrific choice for frugal consumers because of its emphasis on cost-effectiveness and fiscal responsibility.


Splitit is a BNPL app that doesn’t necessitate a new credit line or account creation. In its place, it allows you to divide your already-scheduled credit card payments into manageable chunks that don’t accrue interest. Those who wish to bypass credit checks may benefit from taking this route.

PayPal Credit

With PayPal Credit, you can make purchases now and pay for them over time. Although it isn’t technically a BNPL service, it performs similarly and is therefore a useful alternative for PayPal customers.


Canadians appreciate PayBright because it allows them to pay for large goods in manageable monthly installments without incurring any interest. It’s a great choice for individuals trying to keep their spending under control because it works with many different stores both online and off.


SplitPay is a flexible BNPL app that lets you pay down your balance in as few as two installments and as many as six installments with no interest. It’s a great option for customers who want a simple payment process because of how widely it’s accepted and how intuitive the UI is.


The BNPL service Laybuy is available all across the world and provides customers with the opportunity to pay for their goods in six equal weekly payments. Laybuy is a great option for frugal shopping because there are no interest or fee charges if payments are completed on time.

QuadPay’s Zip Option

If you were a satisfied customer of QuadPay, you’d be happy to know that the company has rebranded as Zip while keeping its BNPL offerings unchanged. Existing QuadPay users who wish to maintain familiarity with the service can easily make the switch to Zip.


In a novel twist, Perpay lets customers make purchases and spread out their payments through payroll deduction. Payroll deduction is convenient for folks who would rather not rack up debt or interest when making purchases.


FuturePay provides a convenient option for consumers to pay for their online purchases over time. You can sign up for an account and then use it to make purchases from a multitude of different stores. One of FuturePay’s defining features is its lightning-fast approval time.


Uplift is an alternative that specializes in helping you pay for your travel costs. Travelers can spread the cost of their plane tickets and hotel rooms over multiple payments with this service. With the help of Uplift, funding your next vacation is easier than ever.

Affirm’s Partnership with Shopify

As was indicated before, a major player in the BNPL is Affirm. One of the most popular e-commerce platforms, Shopify, has joined forces with them. Affirm’s payment alternatives are integrated directly into the Shopify checkout for your convenience if you frequently purchase on websites powered by Shopify.

Shop Pay Installments

Shopify’s BNPL option, known as Shop Pay Installments, is also available. Customers that value a consistent and familiar buying experience will find this option particularly appealing because of its easy integration with Shopify stores.


Formerly known as QuadPay, Zip is a popular BNPL software that lets users spread out payments for big-ticket items across four manageable, interest-free payments. Options such as PayPal Credit, PayBright, SplitPay, Laybuy, and QuadPay are also available.

PayBright provides BNPL services, PayPal Credit enables purchases to be paid off over time, Splitit enables users to split existing credit card payments into smaller installments, and Affirm’s partnership with Laybuy enables customers to divide payments into up to six installments and pay off their purchases over time with no interest.


What are apps like QuadPay, and how do they work?

QuadPay and other similar apps provide a BNPL service that lets customers spread the cost of their purchases out into several installments. In lieu of making a single, large payment, customers can spread out their payments over a longer period of time, often without incurring any interest charges.

Are these apps available for international users or limited to specific countries?

BNPL apps may or may not be readily available in your area. Afterpay and Klarna are two examples of global payment processors; others are limited to certain regions. Make sure these applications are available in your country before downloading them.

Do apps like QuadPay conduct credit checks for approval?

Different applications may have different credit check procedures. Splitit is one service that does not normally require a credit check because it uses your existing credit card information. The terms and conditions of each app should be checked for details on credit checks.

Can I use these apps for all types of purchases, including in-store and online shopping?

Depending on the retailers who work with BNPL apps, users can make in-store and online purchases with the same account. The best way to find out where you may use the app is to look at its list of partner stores.

How do I decide which BNPL app is best for my needs?

Your own tastes and purchasing patterns will determine which BNPL app is best for you. Think about the stores you visit, the repayment options, and any other features each app may have to help you decide. Find the app that meets your budgetary needs with the help of our guide.

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