Ashley Piercing: Everything You Need to Know


ashley piercing

You’ve arrived to the right site if you’re thinking about getting an intriguing and fashionable lip piercing by Ashley Piercing. This manual will teach you everything you need to know about Ashley Piercing, from its origins to the specifics of the operation and aftercare. We’ll also dispel some myths and clarify some misconceptions about jewelry as we go along.  

Introduction to the Ashley Piercing

A striking style of lip piercing, the Ashley Piercing is also known as the inverse vertical labret. It stands out from the crowd by making a vertical puncture in the lower lip, with one end of the jewelry emerging through the lip and the other sticking out. Many people appreciate the distinctive and fashionable effect that this particular arrangement achieves.

History and Origin

Body piercer Ashley Fenech is credited with creating the now-iconic Ashley Piercing in the early 2000s. While the piercing community as a whole has progressed, Ashley Piercing is notable as a modern take on the classic labret piercing that highlights the piercing’s adaptability and aesthetic appeal.

Procedure and Pain Level

A professional piercer will follow a specific procedure to do an Ashley Piercing. The first step in getting an accurate lower lip implant is having the doctor mark the entry and exit sites. A sterile needle is used in the process of making the piercing. While everyone has a different threshold for discomfort, most compare it to being pinched rather hard. The entire procedure takes only a few minutes at most.

Choosing the Right Piercer

The key to having a positive Ashley Piercing experience is picking a qualified and trustworthy piercer. If you need assistance, it’s best to choose certified experts that only use clean tools. Finding the correct piercer for your needs can be aided by looking into their previous work and reviews from satisfied clients.

Jewelry Options

The fantastic selection of jewelry pieces offered at Ashley Piercing is one of its most appealing features. Surgical steel, titanium, and vibrant acrylics are just a few of the materials available. You have a lot of shape and size options to choose from, giving you plenty of room for individual expression and customization.

Aftercare and Healing Process

Aftercare is essential for a speedy recovery and reduced risk of complications. The piercing site should be cleaned with saline solution regularly, and contact with dirty hands should be avoided. In the beginning, you may experience some soreness and swelling, but this usually passes after a few weeks. In most cases, full recovery takes between two and four months.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

Ashley Like other forms of body alteration, piercing is often misunderstood. Some people have the mistaken impression that it is really painful or severely limits their ability to communicate. Most people can cope with the pain and minimize its effect on their lives with the help of medical professionals.

Pros and Cons of Ashley Piercing

Ashley Piercing has its benefits and drawbacks, much like any other kind of body modification. The distinctive and striking design is a definite plus. In addition, some people may have to temporarily alter their diet due to discomfort they feel during the healing process.

Styling Your Ashley Piercing

A beautiful accent to your unique style can be found in your Ashley Piercing. Changing up your jewelry game is a fun way to accessorize your wardrobe and express yourself. No matter how subtly or dramatically you want to express yourself, Ashley Piercing has you covered.


The Ashley Piercing, or inverted vertical labret, is a trendy method of lip piercings that draws attention to the center of the upper lip. Ashley Fenech, a body piercer, is credited with developing the technique, which uses a sterile needle and causes only mild discomfort. The treatment is fast but has strict aftercare requirements. Jewelry can be worn through the piercing to give it a unique look. Although some discomfort is to be expected during the healing process, it is usually bearable with the right attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Ashley Piercing leave a visible scar if removed?

Ashley Piercings typically leave only a little, unobtrusive scar after they are removed.

Q: Can I change my jewelry soon after getting the piercing?

It is best to wait a few months for the piercing to heal completely before switching out the jewelry.

Q: Is Ashley Piercings suitable for everyone?

Although anyone can receive this piercing, you should make sure it is a good fit for your anatomy by talking to a professional piercer beforehand.

Q: How do I clean my Ashley Piercings during the healing process?

Avoid using anything containing alcohol, and instead clean the piercing twice day with a mild saline solution.

Q: Does the Ashley Piercings affect kissing or oral activities?

While caution may be warranted at first, once the injury has healed, it should not prevent you from participating fully.

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