Error 79 Inappropriate File Type or Format: How to Resolve and Prevent It


Error 79 Inappropriate File Type or Format

When working on a crucial project, running into Error 79 Inappropriate File Type or Format can be irritating and perplexing. When you try to open, edit, or save a file that is incompatible with the software you’re using, this error frequently arises. In this thorough manual, we’ll examine the root causes of this mistake and offer detailed instructions for fixing it. This article will assist you in resolving this problem with simplicity, whether you’re a tech-savvy professional or a casual user.

Error 79 Inappropriate File Type or Format: An Overview

The “error 79 inappropriate file type or format” message indicates that the file you are trying to access is not supported by the application you’re using. This error can occur for various reasons, including:

  • Unsupported Format: The programme you’re using doesn’t support the file format. Different file types are supported by various apps.
  • Corrupted File: The file can be damaged, making it impossible to open properly.
  • Version Mismatch: Compatibility issues can arise when older software versions try to open files made with more recent versions.
  • File Extension Change: The software could be unable to recognise the format if the file extension is erroneously updated.
  • File Conversion Issues: If done incorrectly, trying to convert a file from one format to another can result in issues.
  • External Factors: In some circumstances, the error may be brought on by outside variables like system flaws or conflicts.

Troubleshooting the Error 79 Inappropriate File Type or Format

Checking File Compatibility

To address the error 79 inappropriate file type or format, it’s essential to ensure that the file you’re trying to open is compatible with the software you’re using. Follow these steps:

  • Verify File Format: To learn the file’s format, look at its extension. Common file extensions for Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and image files are.docx,.xlsx, and.jpg.
  • Cross-Check Software: Verify sure the programme you’re using can open the particular file format. For compatibility details, consult the user manual or the official website.

Verifying File Integrity

If the file is compatible but still triggering the error, it might be corrupted. To address this:

  • Try Different File: Try opening a different file to see if the problem is with the application or that particular file.
  • Use Backup: Try opening the file from a backup copy if you have one to see whether it opens successfully.

Updating Software

Outdated software can lead to compatibility issues. To prevent this

  • Update Application: Check for software updates if you’re using it. Updates are frequently released by developers to address bugs and enhance compatibility.
  • Update File Format: If at all possible, switch to a more modern file format that is compatible with your software.

Ensuring Correct File Extensions

Incorrect file extensions can confuse software applications. Follow these steps:

  • Show File Extensions: Make sure that your operating system’s settings allow you to show file extensions.
  • Rename File: Rename the file to reflect the proper format if the file extension is incorrect.

Performing File Conversion Properly

If you’re attempting to convert a file, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Use Reliable Conversion Tools: Utilize trusted software or online converters to ensure accurate and error-free file conversion.
  • Follow Instructions: Pay heed to the conversion tool’s instructions because using the wrong settings can result in mistakes.

Additional Tips and Precautions

  • Regular Backups: Make regular backups of your critical files to guard against data loss due to mistakes or corruption.
  • Use Trusted Sources: To reduce the possibility of getting corrupted files, only download from reliable sites.


Although dealing with the “error 79 inappropriate file type or format” might be annoying, if you have the necessary information, you can easily fix the problem and stop it from happening again. You may assure smooth file processing and improve your overall digital experience by comprehending the causes and following the troubleshooting instructions provided in this article.


Q: Why am I getting the “error 79 inappropriate file type or format” message?

A: This error means that the programme you’re using doesn’t support the file format. It can be because of file corruption, incompatibility difficulties, or erroneous file extensions.

Q: Can I fix a corrupted file triggering this error?

A: In a few instances, sure. When trying to restore the data from a corrupted file, consider utilising a backup or a file repair application.

Q: How can I prevent this error when converting files?

A: Make sure you’re using dependable converting software and using the suggested settings. Verify the target format’s compatibility once more.

Q: What should I do if the error persists after trying these solutions?

A more complicated problem can exist if the error persists. Think about contacting forums or tech support.

Q: Are there software applications that can open multiple file formats?

A: Certain programmes are built to handle a variety of file formats. Find the programme that best meets your needs and purchase it.

Q: Can system updates affect file compatibility?

A: System updates can occasionally cause problems with older software versions. Maintaining updated software and hardware can help you avoid such issues.

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