Exploring the Astroneer Freight Module: A Comprehensive Guide

Jayden Carter

astroneer freight module

Effective management of your resources is crucial to your survival and success in Astroneer’s ever-expanding universe. The Freight Module is an invaluable asset to any Astroneer’s arsenal. This article will provide a comprehensive look at the Astroneer Freight Module, discussing its features, benefits, and strategies for making the most of this powerful tool in the game.

What is the Astroneer Freight Module?

Transporting supplies, commodities, and gear across vast and perilous lands is made easier with the Astroneer Freight Module. You might think of it as a space backpack, but with more functions to help you gather the materials you need for your ambitious projects.

Benefits of Using the Freight Module

Efficient Resource Collection

The Freight Module improves upon the core mechanic of Astroneer, which is resource gathering. It allows you to bring a lot of stuff with you, so you won’t have to make as many excursions back to your base. This effectiveness is essential for collecting rare and expensive materials from far away, such as compound, resin, or exotic materials.

Resource Organization

The Freight Module does double duty by increasing your cargo capacity and providing some much-needed structure to your supplies. Its many compartments make it easy to organize your supplies for more streamlined production, trading, or long-term storage.


The landscapes of Astroneer might be difficult to traverse due to their ruggedness and the randomness of their obstacles. The Freight Module is an attachment for your Astroneer’s backpack that gives them extra support and balance. Exploring underground, up a mountain, or through an unfamiliar landscape will benefit greatly from this increased mobility.

Oxygen Supply

A reliable supply of oxygen is crucial for life on other worlds. The Freight Module includes an oxygen tank so that you can go a great distance from your home base without worrying about running out of air. The length of exploration and resource-gathering missions can be increased as a result.

How to Craft and Use the Freight Module

The following materials and a Medium Printer are needed to make a Freight Module:

  • 2 Resin: Resin, which may be mined from the ground, is an essential material in Astroneer.
  • 1 Compound: Compound is another fundamental material that may be found in plenty on most worlds.

Once you’ve gathered these materials, follow these steps:

  • Access a Medium Printer: You can get your hands on a Medium Printer by looking around your facility or garage for one.
  • Open the Printer Interface: Approach the printer and push the button labeled “Open the Printer Interface” to access the printer’s control panel.
  • Select the Freight Module: Scroll through the different plans and click on the Freight Module to select it.
  • Initiate Crafting: The printer will start making the module once you confirm your decision and click the “Initiate Crafting” button.

When finished, the Freight Module can be fastened to the Astroneer’s pack via the attachment points. You can now take use of a larger supply, better resource management, greater mobility, and a longer oxygen supply on your interplanetary travels.

Advanced Tips for Using the Freight Module

  • Expand Your Base: As your time in Astroneer goes on, you may want to think about adding more modules and platforms to your base. The Freight Module is simply attached and relocated, letting you set up specialized nodes for gathering materials and constructing items.
  • Resource Sorting: Organize your resources in the Freight Module’s various compartments. When conducting research, making a trade, or making a product, having access to specific resources is essential.
  • Teaming Up: The Freight Module is especially useful in Astroneer’s cooperative mode, where players work together to complete objectives. One person of your team should be responsible for managing the acquisition and storage of resources using the Freight Module.
  • Upgrade Your Suit: Invest in better resource management tools by upgrading your Astroneer suit as the game progresses. Suits with more space for modules and more capabilities make exploration more productive.


To sum up, the Astroneer Freight Module is an essential tool for every astronaut venturing into the game’s perilous cosmos. The Astroneer experience can be greatly enhanced by its use because to its capacity to improve resource collecting, organization, mobility, and oxygen supply. The next time you want to go on an expedition across the galaxy, make a Freight Module, throw it in your pack, and off you go!


1. Can I attach multiple Freight Modules to my Astroneer’s backpack for even more storage space?

The Astroneer’s backpack can only carry a single Freight Module at a time. Additional storage modules can be fitted to the side slots of your backpack to increase its storage capacity. This will allow you to efficiently transport more materials and supplies.

2. Is there a limit to the number of resources I can store in the Freight Module?

The Freight Module does have a capacity, however it cannot hold infinite amounts of resources. Each of the module’s storage slots can hold a certain amount of data. A certain amount of compound, resin, or other materials, for instance, can be kept in these compartments. Effective inventory management necessitates giving thought to the possibility of stacking resources in order to increase storage capacity.

3. Can I transfer items between my Freight Module and my base storage?

It is possible to move things back and forth between the Freight Module and the main storage. To move items between the Freight Module and a storage platform or container in your base, you need to approach them, open their interface, and drag the items. This is a fantastic tool for keeping all of your materials in one place, making it much easier to engage in any sort of crafting or trading.

4. How do I replenish the oxygen supply in the Freight Module?

When you are close to an oxygen source, like your home base or a tether network, the Freight Module’s oxygen supply will refill automatically. If you want to go a great distance from your base, you should monitor your oxygen levels and be prepared to connect to an oxygen source should you need it. The Freight Module has a built-in oxygen tank that will keep you alive while you’re out in the universe discovering new things.

5. Can I use the Freight Module on any planet in Astroneer?

If you have the materials, you can use the Freight Module on any planet in Astroneer. There’s no telling what sort of difficulties you’ll face on a given planet, so it’s important to come prepared. The Freight Module is essential for exploring and surviving on any planet in the game due to its mobility and resource management capabilities.

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