Understanding GoDaddy IP Tag: What You Need to Know


GoDaddy IP Tag

The word “IP tag” is commonly linked with GoDaddy whether you work in the domain management or web hosting industries. This piece will explain what a GoDaddy IP tag is, why it’s important, and how it might affect your website’s visibility. After reading this, you’ll have a firm grasp on this fundamental topic in domain administration.

What is an IP Tag?

Registrars and web hosts each have what is called a “Internet Protocol tag,” or IP tag for short. For GoDaddy, this is a must-have feature for managing domain names.

Why is GoDaddy IP Tag Important?

  • Domain Transfer: When transferring a domain to or from GoDaddy, the IP tag’s is a critical piece of information. It guarantees a safe and efficient transfer.
  • DNS Configuration: To configure a domain name server (DNS), an IP address label is typically used. By doing so, you can point your domain to whichever web hosting service you like.
  • Registrar Changes: If you ever need to move domain registrars, the IP tag will guarantee a smooth transition without any interruptions in service.

How to Find Your GoDaddy IP Tag

Locating your GoDaddy IP tag is a straightforward process:

  • Log In to Your GoDaddy Account: Use your login information to enter your GoDaddy account.
  • Go to Domain Management: After logging in, head to your account’s “Domain Management” section and click there.
  • Choose Your Domain: Choose the site’s domain name to look up its IP address.
  • View Details: The domain’s IP address can be viewed by clicking the “View Details” button in the administration panel.

Common Uses of GoDaddy IP Tag

  • Transferring Domains: The IP tag’s is required to conduct a domain transfer, whether you’re moving your domain to GoDaddy or another registrar.
  • Pointing to Hosting Providers: During website setup, you will be prompted to point your domain to your hosting provider. The IP label is used for this purpose.
  • Pointing to Hosting Providers: The IP address is commonly used when managing DNS settings for a domain, such as when creating subdomains or setting up email servers.

Tips for Managing Your GoDaddy IP Tag

  • Keep it Secure: Your IP address is the password to your website. Keep it secret so that no one else can use it or alter it without your permission.
  • Regularly Check Domain Settings: Make sure your IP address is correctly configured by reviewing your domain’s settings on a regular basis.
  • Seek Expert Help: If you have any questions concerning IP tag administration, don’t be afraid to contact GoDaddy’s customer care or a trained domain professional.


Knowing the value of your GoDaddy IP tag is crucial in the realm of domain maintenance. It’s the important part of domain-related processes including transferring, setting up DNS, and switching registrars. If you follow the advice in this article and remember to use best practices, your domain will always be safe and running smoothly. The next time you hear the word “IP tag,” you’ll be well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise in the complex world of domain administration.


1. What happens if I share my GoDaddy IP tag with someone else?

It’s not safe to give up your GoDaddy IP address to just anyone. Without your knowledge, they may perform domain transfers or alter domain settings. Domain ownership requires secrecy surrounding your IP address.

2. Can I transfer my domain away from GoDaddy without knowing my IP tag?

Unless you know your IP address, GoDaddy will not let you move your domain elsewhere. The IP tag is required to authorize and complete the transfer to another registrar, and is therefore an essential part of the transfer procedure.

3. How often should I check my domain settings that involve the IP tag?

Domain settings, including IP tag configuration, should be reviewed at least once every few months. This aids in maintaining a safe and well configured domain. When making major adjustments to your website or hosting, you should also double-check your settings.

4. Are there any alternatives to using the GoDaddy IP tag for DNS configuration?

Changing nameservers manually is an alternative to using the GoDaddy IP tag for DNS settings that is offered by various registrars and hosting providers. However, many users choose to make use of the IP tag because it allows for more accurate management in specific scenarios.

5. Can I change my GoDaddy IP tag if needed, and what’s the process for doing so?

Changing your IP address on GoDaddy is not something most users do. Your domain registrar is linked to a certain IP address, making it difficult to change. Contact GoDaddy’s customer service for advice on the process and requirements if you have a valid cause to modify it, such as transferring to a another registrar.

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