Gunsmith Part 5: Enhancing Your Firearms for Peak Performance

Jayden Carter

Gunsmith Part 5

The thrill of making one’s own unique firearm is nothing new to anyone who enjoys firearms or video games. “Gunsmith Part 5” in the Escape from Tarkov universe allows players to go even farther into the field of weapon customization. Learn the ins and outs of this quest and how to maximise its benefits to your gaming by reading this article. Get your toolbox ready, because we’re going gunsmithing!

Introduction to Gunsmith Part 5

The Gunsmith missions are a prime example of Escape from Tarkov’s meticulous attention to detail. The fifth installment of the Gunsmith questline, which tasks players with improving and customising their weapons in accordance with predetermined guidelines. You’ll get some nice loot for completing this task, and your arsenal will be greatly improved.

Understanding the Quest Requirements

In the fifth installment of Gunsmith, players are given a detailed list of improvements to apply to a certain weapon. Adjusting the stock and grip, adding sights, and changing the muzzle device are all common modifications made in this pursuit. The goal is to forge a weapon that can carry you through any situation with ease and give you the upper hand.

Gathering the Necessary Components

The first step in any kind of alteration is amassing the necessary materials. These parts can be anything from a unique handguard or stock to an unusual scope or muzzle device. Some parts can be acquired simply by exploring the game world, while others may require exchanging currency or buying from a dealer.

Step-by-Step Modification Process

Muzzle Devices and SuppressorsImproving your gun’s muzzle is the first order of business. Compensators and suppressors are examples of accessories that do more than just dampen recoil.

Handguards and Rails

Handguards and rails allow for personalization by allowing the attachment of various attachments. These upgrades improve the weapon’s handling and grant tactical advantages in battle.

Optics and Scopes

Acquiring a target is mostly dependent on optics. Especially in long-range encounters, your targeting accuracy will greatly benefit from the addition of scopes, red dot sights, or holographic sights.

Stocks and Grips

The stock and grip of your firearm affect its steadiness and handling. Recoil can be substantially reduced and overall handling can be improved by modifying these parts, allowing for more precise follow-up shots.

Final Touches and Fine-Tuning

In the end, you’ll want to fine-tune your weapon’s effectiveness. Adapt its handling, recoil, and general feel to your preferred playing style. Finding the sweet spot may require some trial and error.

Testing and Fine-Tuning Your Upgraded Weapon

After finishing the upgrades, you must put your weapon to the test in the field. Make sure the adjustments you’ve made work well with your play style and goals by testing it out in a variety of contexts.

Benefits of Gunsmith Part 5 Quest Completion

There are a number of advantages to finishing Gunsmith 5. You will not only gain the bragging rights of a gun customising expert, but also unique attachments for your weapons, in-game gold, and favour with particular merchants.


The world of weapon customization and strategic advantage is at your fingertips with Gunsmith Part 5. You can make your weaponry more suitable to your play style by customising them properly. Escape from Tarkov requires you to go headfirst into the adventure, face the problems head on, and eventually emerge as a genuine gunsmith.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Gunsmith Part 5 in Escape from Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, Quest 5: Gunsmith tasks players with improving the performance of a certain rifle by making certain modifications to it.

2. Can I complete the quest without prior gunsmithing experience?

The developers of Gunsmith 5 say the game is intended to test players of all skill levels. The quest is a great chance to gain experience and knowledge in gunsmithing.

3. Are the modified weapons more effective in battles?

Absolutely. Weapon mods can boost your effectiveness against both computer-controlled foes and other players by enhancing your weapon’s accuracy, reducing its recoil, and enhancing its handling.

4. How do I acquire the rare components required?

You can find some components in the game world, but others might require trading with vendors or purchasing through in-game currency. Engaging with the in-game economy and exploring maps can help you acquire the necessary components.

5. What other quests are related to gun customization?

The Gunsmith objectives in Escape from Tarkov cover a wide range of topics related to weapon customization. Completing these tasks will help you advance in the game and provide you access to better weapons.

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