IOS 17 Review: A Transformational Upgrade for iPhones


iOS 17 Review

IOS 17 Review: The iOS 17 update from Apple has finally come, and it’s a huge deal for iPhone users. This update brings life to ageing iPhones by adding a slew of new features and enhancements that make them perform like brand-new devices. Here, we’ll take a close look at iOS 17, discussing its advantages and disadvantages, supported devices, and most notable new additions.

Device Compatibility

From the iPhone Xr and Xs to the iPhone 11 series and later, iOS 17 is compatible with your iPhone. This update is compatible with the iPhone SE (2020) and any subsequent models. Apple’s focus on offering prolonged software support is indicative of the company’s belief in the long-term value of its products.

It’s important to note, however, that the iPhone X and prior are incompatible with iOS 17. When compared to many Android devices, Apple’s track record of delivering five years of full OS updates puts them ahead in terms of long-term maintenance.

Pros of iOS 17

Important Safety Check-In Update

IOS 17 Review: Check-In, new in iOS 17, is a huge step forward in terms of keeping your own safety. Users can inform predetermined people either when they arrive safely or if they have any delays along the way. Having this option gives you confidence when traveling and reassures loved ones that you are safe.

Enhanced Sharing Features

IOS 17 Review: iOS 17 revolutionizes collaboration for iPhone users. NameDrop is an easy way to share your contact information with others. It’s not restricted to just exchanging phone numbers; you can also send pictures, links, and more with a wave of your hand. The sharing environment is immersive and encourages conversation and friendships among users.

StandBy Mode

With StandBy Mode enabled, your iPhone can serve as a handy alarm clock or digital photo album even when it is not being used for its intended purpose. It’s adaptable and works well even in dim lighting, making it a useful nighttime display.

Cons of iOS 17

Limited Compatibility with Android

IOS 17 Review: Android users feel more separated than ever before while iOS 17 does a fantastic job of bringing together iPhone users. Android users may feel left out because they can’t use features like NameDrop and group listening sessions.

Delayed Arrival of the Journal App

Unfortunately, one of iOS 17’s most-anticipated additions—the Journal app—is still in beta. Users will have to wait for its debut, but it promises to recommend diary entries based on your activities and conversations.

Voicemail Screening’s Return

A divisive feature, voicemail screening, returns in iOS 17. While it’s convenient for some, others might prefer a more traditional approach to leaving a voicemail.

Sharing Innovations in iOS 17

With iOS 17, iPhone users can begin a new era of frictionless and joyful collaboration. NameDrop streamlines contact and content sharing using natural movements, making it easier to connect while doing everything from listening to music to surfing the web. And with iOS 17, several users can listen to the same song at the same time, creating a truly collaborative experience.

AirDrop and Document Sharing

Modifications to AirDrop simplify the transfer of files and images. Notably, iOS 17 allows users to finish internet-based large-file transfers even while they are not in Wi-Fi range. Users will find greater ease of use thanks to these new enhancements.

Improvements We’ve Been Waiting For

iOS 17 brings several much-appreciated enhancements to the platform, addressing long-standing user requests and complaints. The autocorrect engine has been upgraded, making more precise fixes in context. Multiple filters are applied to messages to facilitate faster searching, making it easier to locate particular material or conversations. It’s important to note that iOS 17 concentrates a lot of the sharing options in the Messages app, which may make other options harder to find.

Important Health and Safety Additions

Check In Feature

Check-In, new in iOS 17, is a helpful feature for keeping track of where you are. Users can update their friends and family on their whereabouts and safety while traveling with this app. The system will send out alerts to both parties if there are any delays or causes for concern.

Lockdown Mode

iOS 17’s Lockdown Mode provides extra security, especially against sophisticated cyberattacks. It’s superior to Android’s equivalent and helps keep devices safe even in perilous conditions.

A Questionably Retro Direction for Calls and Messages

With iOS 17, users may now send calls to voicemail and listen to messages before deciding whether or not to answer. This retro touch to contemporary discourse may find an appreciative audience, but it does so at the expense of progress. In addition, voicemails can now be left in FaceTime, satisfying the needs of those who prefer voice over video.

The “Hey Siri” activation prompt is now unnecessary due to Siri’s improved behavior. Some customers may be uncomfortable with Siri’s capacity to listen in on their phone calls because of privacy issues.

What’s to Come – Journal App

The Journal app is an upcoming addition that will be part of iOS 17. This app claims to make keeping a journal easier by analyzing your iPhone’s data and providing customized prompts and ideas. The Journal app can help you keep better track of your thoughts and feelings by providing a narrative of your day.


With IOS 17 Review, iPhones take a giant leap ahead. It’s a complete upgrade that meets the demands of the vast majority of users by improving security, streamlining sharing, and fixing bugs. Although it may make Android users feel left out, it represents a major step forward in Apple’s effort to perfect the iPhone experience.


Is iOS 17 compatible with all iPhone models?

The iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone 11 series, and later generations are all supported by iOS 17. The iPhone X and earlier devices are not supported.

What is the Check-In feature in iOS 17?

Improve your own sense of security by keeping in touch with trusted people no matter where you go thanks to iOS 17’s new Check-In feature.

When will the Journal app be available in iOS 17?

The Journal app is rumored to be coming in an upcoming iOS 17 update, however no firm date has been set. There will be a lag time before it can be used.

How does NameDrop work for sharing in iOS 17?

In iOS 17, the new NameDrop gesture makes it easier to exchange contact information and share media. Users may quickly and easily exchange anything from contact information and photographs to web pages and more simply by placing their iPhones near together.

What is StandBy Mode in iOS 17?

The iPhone’s StandBy Mode makes it useful even when it’s not being actively used, like a clock for your nightstand or a digital photo album. It’s versatile, and it adjusts to dim lighting so you may use it even after dark.

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