Life 360 Not Updating: Troubleshooting and Solutions


Life 360 Not Updating

A useful tool called Life 360 makes it possible for friends and family to remain in touch by sharing their current whereabouts. Knowing where loved ones are brings a sense of security and peace of mind. However, running into the Life 360 not updating problem can be upsetting and worrying. In this post, we examine the prevalent causes of this issue and offer workable strategies to fix it. We can help, whether you’re a worried parent or a person looking for assurance.

Life 360 Not Updating: Possible Causes

Life 360 depends on a number of variables to accurately update location data. Here are some possible causes of your app’s possible failure to update as anticipated:

Outdated App Version

Glitches in the Life 360 software, such as failing to update locations, can result from an older version. Ensure that you are using the most recent version that is offered by your specific app store.

Poor Internet Connection

For continuous location updates, a reliable internet connection is required. Life 360 may be unable to update your location as quickly if your device is experiencing connectivity problems.

Location Services Disabled

The Life 360 app can’t track and update your location if you’ve deactivated location services for it. Make sure location services are turned on for the app in your device’s settings.

Background App Refresh Disabled

For Life 360 to update locations even when the app is open in the background on some smartphones, background app refresh must be enabled. Check the settings on your device to make sure this function is activated.

Battery Saver Mode

To save power, some app operations may be restricted in battery saver mode. Even though it helps the battery last longer, it can stop Life 360 from updating your location in real-time.

Incorrect App Permissions

For Life 360 to access your location, special permissions are needed. The app won’t be able to update your location if the required permissions are not granted. Check again and modify the app permissions in your device’s settings.

App Glitches or Bugs

Life 360 may experience errors or flaws that impair its functionality, just like any other app. Such problems can be fixed by regularly deleting the app’s cache and keeping it updated.

Troubleshooting Life 360 Not Updating Issues

Now that we’ve explored the potential causes, let’s dive into actionable solutions to tackle the Life 360 not updating problem:

Solution 1: Update the App

Make sure the Life 360 app is running at the most recent version. If there is a new version of the app, go to your app store and update it. Bug fixes and enhancements are frequently included in new updates to help with updating problems.

Solution 2: Check Internet Connectivity

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection on your device. Check to see if the Wi-Fi network you’re using is operational. Check your signal strength if you’re using mobile data.

Solution 3: Enable Location Services

Give the Life 360 app permission to access your location by going to the device’s settings. For the app to effectively track and update your location, this step is essential.

Solution 4: Enable Background App Refresh

If your smartphone has a background app refresh setting, turn it on for Life 360. Due to this, the app can update its data even when not in use.

Solution 5: Exit Battery Saver Mode

When you require precise location updates, think about temporarily disabling power saving mode on your device. To save battery life, remember to activate it once more.

Solution 6: Check App Permissions

Review the app permissions Life 360 has been given. Make sure the app has permission to access your location. If not, change the settings as necessary.

Solution 7: Clear App Cache

The app’s cache may build up over time and affect speed. To possibly fix any bugs, clear the app cache through your device’s settings.


Life 360 offers peace of mind by allowing you to stay in touch with loved ones, however updating problems can be annoying. You may solve these difficulties and make sure that location updates are seamless by according to the troubleshooting recommendations provided in this article. Remember that the key to fixing the Life 360 not updating issue is a mix of programme updates, proper setting configuration, and a dependable internet connection.

FAQs about Life 360 Not Updating

Q: Why is my Life 360 not updating even though my internet is working fine?

A: Inaccurate position information or a weak GPS signal can occasionally be to blame. To test if the problem still exists, try moving to a place that is open and has good sky visibility.

Q: Can other apps interfere with Life 360’s ability to update?

A: Yes, some apps can interfere with location-based services. Look for any apps that are concurrently using location services, and you might want to close them when using Life 360.

Q: Will reinstalling the app fix the updating problem?

A: Reinstalling the app might fix any bugs that are connected to it. Before removing, be sure to backup your settings and data.

Q: Is Life 360’s location accuracy affected by indoor or outdoor use?

A: Because GPS signals are weaker indoors, location updates can become less precise. Location data obtained from outdoor use is typically more accurate.

Q: Can network issues impact Life 360’s updating?

A: Network issues or congestion might cause location updates to be delayed. Make sure the network is reliably covered where you are.

Q: Are there alternatives to Life 360 for location sharing?

A: There are a number of alternatives, including “Find My Friends” for iOS and “Google Maps Location Sharing.” If your problems with Life 360 don’t get better, look into these alternatives.

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