Lucy Lindsay-Hogg: Lord Snowdon’s Second Wife and Creative Partner


Lucy Lindsay-Hogg

Lord Snowdon, whose given name was Antony Armstrong-Jones, was a prominent member of British society who gained widespread renown thanks to his skill as a photographer and his marriage to Princess Margaret. Lord Snowdon’s second marriage to Lucy Lindsay-Hogg was a landmark in his life before he wed Princess Margaret. This article will delve into Lucy Lindsay-Hogg’s life and accomplishments, providing insight into the lady who won Lord Snowdon’s heart.

Early Life and Background

Lucy Lindsay-Hogg, who was born Lucy Mary Davies in 1941, had a very different upbringing than the affluent social circles in which Lord Snowdon had been raised. The daughter of a British naval officer, she had a somewhat humble upbringing. Her upbringing gave her the qualities of humility and hard work that she would need to succeed in life.

The Meeting of Two Worlds

In the busy 1960s London social scene, Lucy Lindsay-Hogg and Lord Snowdon met paths. Lord Snowdon was already a well-known and respected photographer at the time. However, Lucy was developing a name for herself in the film industry, solidifying her reputation as an accomplished director.

It was pure chance that they met at a party, but once they did, they hit it off immediately. They were all from diverse walks of life, but they had something in common: a love of the arts. The bond between them grew stronger as they talked about photography, movies, and the creative process.

A Creative Collaboration

Lucy Lindsay-Hogg and Lord Snowdon’s ability to work together artistically was one of the relationship’s most impressive features. They collaborated on a number of artistic endeavors due to their mutual admiration and respect for one another’s skills. Photographer Lord Snowdon, known for his photos of celebrities, managed to capture Lucy’s personality and beauty in a series of breathtaking images.

In return, Lucy helmed short films and documentaries that featured Lord Snowdon’s cinematography. Their creative chemistry produced works that were well received by critics and served to strengthen their friendship.

The Marriage

In a small, intimate ceremony in 1978, Lucy Lindsay-Hogg wed Lord Snowdon. The couple’s wedding was a pivotal milestone in each of their histories. After experiencing heartbreak in her first marriage, Lucy finally found love with a man who appreciated her artistic sensibilities after she had been divorced.

Life Together

Lucy and Lord Snowdon, once married, lived a life rich in the arts, traveled widely, and learned about different cultures. They became well-known in the photography and film industries as a couple because to their frequent attendance at social gatherings and exhibitions.


Lucy Lindsay-Hogg stayed in the film industry after her marriage and made an indelible mark. Lord Snowdon’s photography continued to win him praise for his ability to capture his subjects’ personalities.


Lucy Lindsay-Hogg was not a member of the royal family, but she was nonetheless an important figure in the life of Lord Snowdon. They became partners on a voyage of creation and artistic exploration based on their shared admiration for one another and appreciation for the arts. Their marriage was a monument to the strength of love and similar interests, and while it may not have received as much attention as Lord Snowdon’s earlier union with Princess Margaret, it was no less meaningful for that.

Lucy Lindsay-Hogg and Lord Snowdon’s contributions to the arts and culture, as well as their extraordinary love story, will live on in posterity.

FAQs about Lucy Lindsay-Hogg and Lord Snowdon’s Relationship

1. Who is Lucy Lindsay-Hogg, and how did she meet Lord Snowdon?

British director Lucy Lindsay-Hogg was born Lucy Mary Davies. In the bustling London social scene of the 1960s, she met Lord Snowdon, the famous photographer. They were able to put aside their differences and bond over a love of the arts.

2. Did Lucy Lindsay-Hogg have a career in the arts before her marriage to Lord Snowdon?

Before she married Lord Snowdon, Lucy Lindsay-Hogg was, in fact, a successful filmmaker in her own right. She was already well-known in the film industry, and after they got married, she kept working as a director.

3. What was the nature of the creative collaboration between Lucy Lindsay-Hogg and Lord Snowdon?

The fact that Lucy and Lord Snowdon worked together on projects was a special part of their friendship. In exchange for directing documentaries and films that included Lord Snowdon’s photography, Lucy posed for breathtaking photos by the renowned photographer. This collaboration produced well lauded works of art.

4. How did Lucy Lindsay-Hogg and Lord Snowdon’s marriage impact their respective careers?

They both already had established careers in photography and film before they tied the knot. Together, they were able to produce works of art that were hailed by critics. Many people were moved by the way they worked together in life and in art.

5. What is Lucy Lindsay-Hogg and Lord Snowdon’s legacy in the arts?

Lucy Lindsay-Hogg and Lord Snowdon are both well-known for their artistic achievements. Creators of all stripes still look to Lucy’s films and Lord Snowdon’s iconic photographs for motivation and inspiration. Their work is a monument to the strength of imagination and affection.

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