pokecord commands: Unleashing the strength of Pokémon in Discord

Jayden Carter

pokecord commands

If you’re a Pokémon enthusiast and an avid Discord consumer, you’re in for a deal with! The arena of Pokémon comes alive inside your Discord server thru a bot known as Pokecord. This interactive bot permits you to capture, educate, and conflict Pokémon with your pals, adding an entire new dimension on your Discord experience. To harness the whole ability of this virtual Pokémon world, you need to master Pokecord instructions. In this complete manual, we’re going to stroll you via the entirety you want to recognize about pokecord commands, from the basics to the advanced strategies.


Before delving into the pokecord commands, it is crucial to grasp the basics of Pokecord. Developed by means of Miles Prower, Pokecord is a Discord bot designed to convey the exhilaration of Pokémon for your server. It transforms your server into a Pokémon hunting ground, entire with wild Pokémon encounters, leveling up, and even buying and selling with other trainers.

Getting commenced with Pokecord

To start your Pokémon journey in Discord, you’ll need to add the Pokecord bot on your server. Observe these simple steps to get started out:

Invite the Pokecord Bot: Use the invite hyperlink provided with the aid of Pokecord’s respectable internet site to feature the bot to your server.

Prefix Setup: determine on a prefix for Pokecord instructions on your server. The default prefix is “p!” however can be customized in step with your preferences.

Seize ‘Em All: begin with the aid of catching your first Pokémon with the “p!Begin” command. This could be your first step in turning into a Pokémon master.

Primary Pokecord instructions

Now that you’ve set up Pokecord, let’s discover a few crucial commands to navigate this Pokémon international efficiently.

Catching Pokémon

P!Capture [Pokémon Name]: try to catch a wild Pokémon with this command. Keep in mind, the higher the Pokémon’s stage, the more difficult it’s far to trap.

Checking Your Pokémon

P!Pokemon: View the Pokémon currently for your collection.

Leveling Up

P!Levelup: Use this command to stage up your Pokémon.

Trading Pokémon

P!Exchange [: initiate a trade with every other Discord consumer.


P!Struggle :project every other trainer to a Pokémon war.

Advanced Pokecord commands

As soon as you have mastered the fundamentals, you can dive into extra superior commands to enhance your Pokémon experience.

Evolving Your Pokémon

P!Evolve: Evolve your Pokémon after they reach the desired degree.

Liberating Pokémon

P!Release : launch a Pokémon out of your series.

Mythical Pokémon

P!Information : Get statistics about a particular Pokémon, including its rarity and spawn price.

Legendary Spawns

P!Legends: check the currently spawning mythical Pokémon on your server.

Trading Evolutionary Pokémon

P!Tradeevolve [Pokémon Name]: alternate a Pokémon to trigger its evolution.

Recommendations and tricks

To virtually end up a Pokémon grasp in the global of Pokecord, here are some expert suggestions:

Have interaction along with your fellow running shoes on your server. Trades, battles, and sharing guidelines can beautify your experience.

Preserve a watch on mythical Pokémon spawn bulletins. They’re rare and pretty favourite.

Evolve your Pokémon strategically to construct a powerful crew.


Pokecord commands free up a international of opportunities for your Discord server. Whether or not you are a casual Pokémon fan or a devoted teacher, learning those instructions will elevate your Pokémon journey. So, go in advance, trap ’em all, and turn out to be a true Pokémon grasp in the virtual international of Discord!

FAQs (regularly asked Questions)

1. How do I add Pokecord to my Discord server?

To feature Pokecord to your server, visit the reliable Pokecord internet site and observe the supplied invite hyperlink.

2. Can i personalize the prefix for Pokecord instructions?

Yes, you could set a custom prefix for Pokecord instructions on your server to make them extra customized.

3. Are there any mythical Pokémon in Pokecord?

Sure, Pokecord includes legendary Pokémon with special spawn charges. Hold a watch out for bulletins.

Four. Can i change Pokémon with other Discord users?

Definitely! You could provoke trades with other trainers using the “p!Trade” command.

5. How do I evolve my Pokémon in Pokecord?

To evolve your Pokémon, use the “p!Evolve” command once they reach the specified level.

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