Regal Northtown Mall Reviews: A Comprehensive Look at the Theater Experience


Regal Northtown Mall Reviews

Spokane, Washington is home to a popular movie theater known as Regal Northtown Mall. Regal Northtown Mall Reviews, You can choose from a large selection of movies and relax in the plush seats and high-quality speakers. Customers have given the theater both high marks for its amenities and low marks for its customer service.

Based on 43 reviews, customers have given Regal Northtown Mall 2.7 stars out of 5. Customers have commended the theater’s plush seats and high-quality speakers. Others have complained about the company’s customer service, saying that its agents are unfriendly and indifferent. Spokane moviegoers still flock to Regal Northtown Mall despite its mixed ratings.

Customers have generally conflicting feelings about the Regal Northtown Mall. Some have praised the facilities and the movies available, while others have planned the service. The Spokane theater is still frequented by moviegoers despite the negative evaluations.

Location and Accessibility

Spokane, Washington’s NorthTown Mall houses a Regal theater at 4750 N Division St. Spokane residents and visitors alike will appreciate the location’s accessibility and convenience.

Regal Northtown Mall Reviews Parking Availability

NorthTown Mall offers plenty of parking spaces for its patrons, making it convenient for those driving to the theater. Security guards make regular rounds to ensure that the parking lot is clean and secure. In addition, there are specially marked parking spaces for the disabled.

Regal Northtown Mall Reviews Public Transportation Access

The Regal Northtown Mall is conveniently located near several bus lines. Spokane Transit Authority (STA) buses stop at a number of locations in close proximity to NorthTown Mall. Routes 24, 25, and 26 (among others) all stop by the shopping center frequently. Visitors to the theater will appreciate the proximity of the bus stations to the shopping center’s main entrance.

Regal Northtown Mall has a convenient location and easy access to public transit and parking. The theater’s accessibility has helped it become a staple of Spokane’s entertainment scene.

Regal Northtown Mall Reviews Store Variety and Quality

The wide variety of businesses and eateries at Regal Northtown Mall is one of the mall’s most notable features. Visitors like that there is a good mix of national chains and unique local establishments to choose from. The mall is home to numerous restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues.

Regal Northtown Mall Reviews Fashion Retailers

The shops of Regal Northtown Mall cater to shoppers with varying budgets by carrying both high-end and affordable labels. Shoppers can peruse department stores like Macy’s, JCPenney, and H&M, as well as trendy boutiques like Hot Topic and classic department stores like Spencer’s.

The size variety offered by the boutiques at Regal Northtown Mall is one of the mall’s best attractions. Since many retailers now stock larger sizes, customers of varying body types can easily find something to wear.

Regal Northtown Mall Reviews Food and Beverage Options

Dining options at Regal Northtown Mall range from full-service restaurants to fast food joints. Red Robin, serving up hearty American meals, is one option, while Subway and Panda Express offer quick, affordable bites.

Dessert lovers can choose from a number of alternatives at Regal Northtown Mall, including Cinnabon and Dairy Queen. Starbucks and Jamba Juice are both nearby for thirsty tourists.

Regal Northtown Mall Reviews Entertainment Outlets

Regal Northtown Mall is more than just a place to shop and eat; it’s also a destination for a wide range of exciting performances. The Regal Northtown Mall movie theater is open to the public and shows films appropriate for all ages.

The mall also features a bowling alley and arcade for those who want a more physically engaging outing. Bowling and traditional arcade games like Pac-Man and Skee-Ball are available to guests.

The wide variety of retailers and eateries at Regal Northtown Mall make it a fun and exciting place for people of all ages and interests.

Regal Northtown Mall Reviews Customer Service

The patrons at Regal Northtown Mall rave about the quality of service they receive there. The helpfulness and friendliness of the theater’s employees has been complimented by patrons. They are always willing to help with any inquiries or problems that clients may have.

Customer service at Regal Northtown Mall is well regarded in part because of how quickly their representatives respond to inquiries. The staff is always willing to assist the clients. There is always someone on hand to help you, whether you need assistance locating a seat or have a query regarding the showing times.

The cleanliness of the theater is another important part of customer service at Regal Northtown Mall. The theater is meticulously maintained by the personnel. Many visitors have remarked on the cleanliness and availability of the facilities.

The theater provides a number of conveniences to its patrons in order to improve their overall experience. Reclining seats are one such amenity that can be provided to guests. Seats are ergonomically crafted for complete relaxation and enjoyment of the film. The multiplex also sells a variety of snacks and drinks, such as popcorn, candy, and soda. The theater also sells beer, wine, and liquor to its patrons.

The customer service at Regal Northtown Mall is legendary. The personnel is warm and accommodating, and they always provide prompt service. Customers can relax and enjoy the show thanks to the theater’s pristine cleanliness and regular maintenance.

Regal Northtown Mall Reviews Cleanliness and Maintenance

The facilities at Regal Northtown Mall are always spotless and well-maintained. Reviewers on Yelp have praised the theater for its immaculate cleanliness, saying it’s one of the reasons they keep coming back. Reviewers have also noticed the crew’s efforts to keep the theater clean, with one noting that “the staff is constantly cleaning and making sure everything is in order.”

The theater has been praised for both its tidiness and its well-maintained facilities. The state-of-the-art technology and plush seats at Regal Northtown Mall’s theater make for an unrivaled movie-going experience. A review on WriteForUs claims that the theater’s modern amenities and plush seats make it a must-see for cinephiles.

Positive customer feedback speaks volumes about how seriously Regal Northtown Mall takes cleanliness and upkeep. Cinemagoers appreciate the staff’s efforts to maintain a pleasant and sanitary theater for them to enjoy their films.

Regal Northtown Mall Reviews Safety and Security

Security is a top priority at Regal Northtown Mall. The theater has taken numerous precautions for the security of its patrons and employees.

The presence of guards is one of the most vital precautions that may be taken. The theater and its patrons are protected at all times by a team of qualified security guards on duty at Regal Northtown Mall. Security staff have extensive training to respond effectively to any emergency or potential threat.

Regal Northtown Mall has both human security guards and video cameras strategically placed throughout the theater. The security staff watches the cameras and can react promptly to any questionable behavior.

The Northtown Mall location of Regal Cinemas has similarly stringent measures in place to prohibit the introduction of guns and other potentially harmful objects. Before entering the theater, patrons must go through metal detectors and have their luggage inspected.

The COVID-19 epidemic has prompted new security measures to be put in place at Regal Northtown Mall. Customers must wear masks at all times, the theater’s capacity must be reduced to create social distance, and cleaning and sanitation must take place more frequently.

In general, Regal Northtown Mall cares deeply about the well-being of its employees and consumers. The theater has taken all necessary precautions to ensure that its patrons may relax and enjoy the show.


Spokane, Washington is home to a popular movie theater known as Regal Northtown Mall. Moviegoers of all ages go there because of the theater’s recliner seats and extensive film selection. This article has examined the positives and negatives of a visit to Regal Northtown Mall by reading user reviews.

Regal Northtown Mall has received mostly positive feedback from moviegoers. The theater’s customer service, sound, and seating comfort have all received high marks from patrons. However, the expensive cost of admission and concessions has been criticized by a few critics.

Despite this, the Regal Northtown Mall theater is still one of the most popular choices for Spokane moviegoers. It’s perfect for a night out with friends or family because of its central location and extensive movie selection. In addition, the theater’s dedication to accessibility and customer care guarantees that everyone will have a pleasant time there.

In conclusion, Regal Northtown Mall in Spokane is the best place to see a movie because it has everything a moviegoer might want. The cinema’s high costs have been criticized by some reviewers, yet it remains a popular option for moviegoers because of its high-quality sound system, spacious auditoriums, and extensive film library.

FAQs: Regal Northtown Mall

1. What are the hours of operation for Regal Northtown Mall?

The hours of operation at Regal Northtown Mall are subject to change based on the schedule of the day’s films. For the most up-to-date information about theater hours, it is best to visit their website or get in touch with the theater directly.

2. How can I purchase tickets for movies at Regal Northtown Mall?

Regal Northtown Mall offers multiple ticketing options for moviegoers, including online booking, at the box office, and via their mobile app. You can reserve your seats and showtime of choice in advance when you book online.

3. Is there reserved seating at Regal Northtown Mall?

Reserved seating is available at the Regal Northtown Mall. When purchasing tickets, either online or at the box office, you will be able to select your seats. This will guarantee that your chosen seats will be waiting for you when you arrive at the theater.

4. What is the price for movie tickets at Regal Northtown Mall?

Showtime, movie format (regular, 3D, IMAX, etc.), and a customer’s age can all affect the price of a ticket at Regal Northtown Mall. For up-to-date pricing info, please visit their website or call the theater directly.

5. Does Regal Northtown Mall offer discounts or loyalty programs?

Seniors, kids, service members, and students may all be eligible for discounts at the Regal Northtown Mall. Discounts, free admission, and other perks may be offered through membership or loyalty programs. For more on pricing and membership plans, see their website.

6. Are there concessions available at Regal Northtown Mall?

Popcorn, sweets, drinks, and other snacks are available for purchase at the Regal Northtown Mall. They also provide hot drinks and meals. Some movie theaters may not allow you to bring in your own food or drink.

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