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Boho Rugs

Designers often use the strategy of using Round Rugs in compact spaces to create the illusion of a larger room. These circular rugs not only enhance visual appeal but also divert attention away from the room’s limited dimensions. Now with many varieties in the market, boho rugs take the limelight. Whether it’s through curved furniture, walls, or rugs, a round boho rug adds a minimalist charm to your living area. The rugged beauty of boho design harmonizes the overall environment of the room and accentuates its curves while adding a rustic vibe. Now let’s give you some insights on how to make the most of your round boho rug. 

Choosing The Right Spot For Boho Round Rugs

Choosing the strategic locations for placing your round boho rugs will take your interior decor to the next level of excellence. Here are the tips for choosing a Boho round rug:

Under The Dining Tables

Placing a round rug under a round dining table is an excellent idea. Make sure it’s sturdy and large enough to accommodate all furniture including the chairs. For standard sizing, go for a 240 cm diameter rug for a perfect fit. If it is a 4-seater table, go for a 160cm rug.

In Entryways

Placing a round boho rug at the entrance makes a great first impression on your guests. For a better look, place an armchair on it. To add more boho charm, place a full-body mirror, and rope basket filled with plants to add some greenery and shine. It also makes the space more welcoming and for quick check-ups and putting on shoes.

Empty Living Room Corners

You can easily fill the vacant corners in your living room by placing small round rugs. To make the corner look inviting, you can further add a chair and table set up. Want to make it a cozy reading corner? Place a standing lamp as well. 


When styling a nursery, nothing works better than placing a jute boho rug. You can place it under a feeding chair, beside a cot or bassinet. You can also offset the rug slightly under the cot for a cohesive look. 

Apart from these, you can place your round boho rugs in your kid’s room and your master bedroom.

How To Add Visual Appeal To Round Boho Rugs

If you want to add visual interest to your boho rugs, go for different textures and colors. Textured rugs generally create depth and dimension to any room, especially with less interior design. You can go for

  • Bold geometric designs
  • Intricate motives 
  • Plush textures

These patterns and textures add uniqueness to your space. If you want to create a bohemian-inspired interior, go for boho-round rugs with shaggy, looped, or braided textures. These textures also offer tactile support to your floor. Textured rugs, in particular, contain dirt and signs of wear for areas with heavy foot traffic.

Colors play a role in inducing visual appeal within a space. Bold and vibrant shades can create bold statements by making a central focal point. On the other hand, subtle and muted tones introduce an air of elegance and serenity. By experimenting with colors that either contrast or harmonize, you can design a dynamic visual impact. If layering round rugs is something you’re thinking about, pick sizes that go nicely together. The top rug can be a smaller decorative item, while the bottom rug should be larger to serve as a base.

Maintaining the Round Boho Rugs For Long-Term Beauty

When it comes to boho rugs, you will come across different materials. Now, different materials require different care and maintenance to look at their best. Wool round rugs offer premium and long-lasting flooring. They are durable and have natural liquid-repelling properties. When it comes to maintaining wool rugs, here are some standard tips:

  1. Vacuum twice a month, but don’t overdo it to avoid shedding.
  2. Flip the rug and vacuum the underside every two months.
  3. Blot liquid spills gently and use a wool-specific spot cleaner.
  4. Use a rug pad to protect and maintain the rug’s shape.
  5. Get professional cleaning every 1-2 years.

Now, let’s shift our focus to caring for coarse textured, plant material round rugs, such as those made from Jute, Sisal, Seagrass, or Hemp:

  1. Vacuum or gently beat, depending on the rug’s texture.
  2. Flip the rug for even wear after cleaning.
  3. Clean with soapy water on the spot area. You can also use a soft brush.
  4. If stains are still on, consult a professional cleaner.


Thus choosing the right sport and complementing it with furniture and decorative accents make your round rugs look wonderful. Also, the texture and color of the rugs play an important role in defining the aesthetic of your overall interior. For a long-lasting beauty, regular cleaning and maintenance is the key. If you are planning to purchase high-quality boho rugs in round shape, visit the exclusive collection of Miss Amara Today!

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