Why Dogs are Better at Security Than Computers


Why Dogs are Better at Security Than Computers

Security is a constant priority for those who, just by the nature of their career, have become a target for unwanted attention. Repeat instances of theft, robbery, random attacks, and vandalism all prove the case. While law enforcement, if contacted ahead of time, can provide some protective resources, they are often designed to respond after the fact for clean up and investigation, not prevention. Further, electronic defenses are mainly for prevention, deterrence and identification; due to legal constraints on traps and harmful defenses, automated security is generally limited. No surprise, security guards and dogs remain the primary security resource used for a thinking defense to problems.

Canine Security Combines Thinking With Effective Action

Dogs in particular are incredibly valuable for literally smelling problems before they manifest or for live, active protection. Canine security has been used for centuries, especially on large estates and properties where a tremendous amount of property needs to be monitored and protected regularly. Given the speed, capability and tenaciousness of trained dog, they provide a type of security that has a proven track record. More importantly, dogs are still considered an allowable security defense when contained within one’s property where an intruder doesn’t belong. They can provide deterrence as well as active defense and security, just like a human security guard. Even better, their sense of fear tends to be less, especially with training.

Go to the Source for the Best Canine Security Options

Professional canine training and provisioning resources like Silicon Valley Executive Trust Steve Scott and similar can give executives, celebrities and property owners access to trained canine resources that are incredibly reliable and powerful. Utilizing breeds already proven to have higher intelligence capability as well as increased athletic capability, these canine handlers produce dogs that are amazingly intelligent, trustworthy and dependable in high pressure situations and dangerous scenarios. They maintain control, have great temperance and can provide effective security even in the most aggressive of situations. It’s no surprise while canines are used on the battlefield now for scouting and identification; the same methodology of training and skill-building applies to security canines as well.

The key factor with any canine security training resource is experience. High quality professional services have decades of experience in the discipline, having worked with multiple breeds and identifying the key aspects that work best with specific breeds. Protection dogs don’t need to be a gigantic hassle to procure. Working with the right service provider can produce a security resource that is responsive, smart, active, strong and a great deterrence for potential problems.

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